Artificial Intelligence for Collections and A/R

With advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation, a new era has arrived to transform your collections and AR universe.

These modern technologies are able to streamline your collections, with zero-touch, error-free execution of repetitive, time-consuming tasks, freeing up your teams to focus on higher value-added work.

Tasks include monitoring high-risk accounts, building up incentives and promotions for clients, and mitigating bad-debt write-offs.

By leveraging cutting-edge machine learning algorithms and generative AI, Auditoria AR Collections mine through millions of invoices to decipher payer behavior patterns, continually and automatically. These patterns are then turned into insights to identify potential late payers, to elevate accounts that typically pay early or on time (but that are likely to face delays), and to provide recommendations on where to focus and prioritize your collections teams’ daily efforts.