Solutions Brief

AR Helpdesk

Speed-Up Response Time • Reduce Resource Requirements • Improve Customer Satisfaction

Auditoria’s AR Helpdesk increases speed, accuracy, and efficiency in the finance office with generative-AI SmartBots to automate redundant and manual monitoring and responding to requests in the shared AR email box.

These intelligent SmartBots are trained in finance concepts and handle more than 90% of the incoming inquiries received, executing authorized tasks and requests. Data gathered from interactions is captured with reporting that allows analysis and insights to derive greater cash position visibility.

Continuous Email Monitoring

SmartBots are deployed to continuously manage incoming finance emails and respond conversationally to inquiries and requests, such as copies of invoices, within minutes.

Activity and Customer Console

All activity, both human and automated, is captured in the console, eliminating the need to login into shared email boxes. Data is aggregated from disparate systems for a single view.

Inbox Business Intelligence and Reporting

Summary email extraction insights such as intent detection, replies, and tasks are displayed and exportable for team and SmartBot performance reporting.

Human-In-The-Loop Collaborative Mode

Collaborative mode brings increased accuracy in responses, higher productivity, and stronger trust in automation. This synergy between human insight and AI capability marks a significant advancement in streamlining finance office operations.