Solutions Brief

AR Helpdesk

Speed-Up Response Time • Reduce Resource Requirements • Improve Customer Satisfaction

Auditoria’s AR Helpdesk increases the finance office’s speed, accuracy, and efficiency using AI-enabled SmartBots to automate redundant and manual monitoring of the shared AR email box. Data gathered from interactions is captured with reporting, allowing analysis and insights to derive greater cash position visibility.

Continuous Email Monitoring

SmartBots are deployed to continuously check email inboxes and respond conversationally to inquiries and requests, such as copies of invoices, within minutes.

Finance Language Understanding

Available 24/7, SmartBots process email content and understand finance-specific intent to email authorized customers securely and protect sensitive accounting information.

A System of Engagement

SmartBots quickly read and respond with answers, documentation, or escalations, minimizing interruptions to the AR team throughout the day and increasing timely customer service.