Reduce Risk • Improve Accuracy • Expedite Close

Auditoria SmartGL Advanced Accruals for Suppliers delivers capabilities for autonomous supplier outreach to automate the month-end supplier expense accruals process using machine learning, natural language processing, and computer vision to accelerate the monthly close.

With automated capabilities to create journal entries, estimate supplier accrual expenses, match with third-party data sources, and reconcile with the general ledger, SmartGL delivers an industry-first capability to automate the typically arduous and error-prone monthly accruals process.

Automated Outreach And Estimation

Using SmartBot technology, Auditoria automates monthly outreach to suppliers and estimates accrual amounts using supplier input along with purchase order and purchase requisition data, and automatically requests non-billed expenses from internal and external parties.

Visibility into month end

By having visibility into the data, management anticipates their expenses and has less unplanned spend.

The platform provides complete visibility into the sources for all manual accruals and flux analysis over time.

Anomaly Detection And Autonomous Follow-up

SmartBots detect anomalies and identify erroneous or unusual activity, such as backdating or, in some cases, fraudulent transactions in the general ledger.

SmartBots automatically follow up with unresponsive vendors to allow accounting teams to concentrate on more high-level activities.

Systems Integration And Centralized Accruals Data

The SmartBots integrate with systems of record and automatically generate journal entries while supporting the segregation of duties.

SmartBots gather all the accruals in a centralized view, including requests and outreach. Download accruals data with one click to share with auditors or other stakeholders.