Solutions Brief

AR Remittances

Improve Cash Performance • Reduce Manual Work • Improve Customer Experience

Auditoria’s AR Remittances increase speed, accuracy, and efficiency in the finance office using AI-enabled SmartBots to automate redundant and manual data extraction from AR document remittance. Data gathered from interactions is captured in reports that allow analysis and insights to derive greater visibility into cash position.

Remittance Validation and Classification

SmartBots read and classify documents in email attachments, identifying remittance documents and validating customer matches. Remittances are parsed and a payment record that includes AR remittance details is created so that AR teams process greater volumes of remittances more quickly and accurately.

Human-In-The-Loop Collaborative Mode

Using collaborative mode, AR teams direct how the SmartBots take action and handle remittance digitization workflows, fine-tuning how the AI SmartBots process data and communicate with stakeholders.

This Human-In-The-Loop (HITL) functionality builds trust through hands-on engagement with the AI’s decision-making process to improve the handling and recovery of exceptions.

Reconciliation and Cash Performance

By automating the extraction and processing of remittance documents, organizations significantly reduce manual data entry errors. It also improves operational efficiency and speeds up the reconciliation process to accelerate cash flow.