Demo Video

Auditoria SmartCustomer: AR Collections

Length: 3:43

Collect customer balances at the speed of light.

Streamline your collections with zero-touch, error-free execution of repetitive, time-consuming tasks, freeing up your teams to focus on higher value-added work. Tasks include monitoring high-risk accounts, building up incentives and promotions for clients, and mitigating bad debt write-offs. 

Auditoria provides accounts receivables departments with real-time visibility to predictive remittance forecasting to understand the accounts likely to be late in making payments or potentially delinquent.

Using powerful SmartBots, Auditoria can dynamically prioritize how work is completed, with two-way automated correspondence automation, automatic logging of correspondence touchpoints, and built-in tonality based on the client type.

Automated intelligent analytics provides key collections metrics, including dynamic Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) calculations, risk indicators on accounts, and more.

Download our AR Collections Solutions Brief to learn more about accounts receivable automation.