Webinar Replay

What’s New with Auditoria.AI: The Latest and Greatest Updates

Length: 39:45

What’s New with Auditoria.AI: The Latest and Greatest Updates

Attendees joined our recent webinar on the exciting new features and functionality of Auditoria.AI. As a leading innovator in automating corporate finance processes, Auditoria continued redefining the landscape of financial operations. The session delved into the latest enhancements integrated into the platform, designed to streamline workflows, boost efficiency, and provide unprecedented analytical insights.

Whether they were current users or new to the world of finance automation, participants found these updates impressive and essential for optimizing their financial operations. The webinar explored these advancements and demonstrated how they could transform financial strategies.

Topics covered in the webinar included:

  • New Product Announcement
    • AR Remittances
  • New Functionality
    • AR and AP Helpdesk Team Assignment
    • AR and AP Helpdesk Automatic Task Distribution
    • AR and AP Helpdesk Collaborative Mode
  • Latest Technology Features
    • Proprietary Small Language Model (SLM)
    • Multiple LLMs in Production


  • Elaine Nowak, Senior Director, Product Marketing at Auditoria.AI

This session initially aired on May 23, 2024.