Solutions Brief

Auditoria SmartCustomer

Improve Cash Flow • Reduce DSO • Increase Efficiency

Auditoria’s SmartCustomer increases speed, accuracy, and efficiency in the finance back office using AI-enabled SmartBots to automate redundant and manual accounts receivable processes to derive greater cash position visibility.

AR Collections

SmartBots manage your customer payments with intelligent, granular classification rules for personalized engagement for account or payer type to send courtesy notices and dunning based on communications cadences to maximize collections efforts and streamline correspondence, saving countless hours for the AR team.

A daily worklist of strategic recommendations and prioritized actions is captured, providing detailed audit and granular account analytics that put the collections team in charge with greater visibility and transparency.

AR Helpdesk

SmartBots are deployed to monitor shared AR inboxes and respond conversationally to inquiries and requests, such as copies of invoices, within minutes. Available 24/7, SmartBots process email content and understand finance-specific intent to email authorized customers securely and protect sensitive accounting information.

AR Remittances

Using advanced cognitive OCRs and Computer Vision, SmartBots extract information from structured and semi-structured remittances to streamline data extraction and input activities. The extracted data is then validated for accuracy, and a payment record is created, awaiting the user’s final approval to be written to the system of record.