Introducing Auditoria

Length: 2:00

In today’s fast-paced business world, every second counts.

Your CEO needs data to make decisions.  Employees need their expenses reimbursed.  And every month, the books have to be closed and reported on.

All the while, sources of friction continually pop up and get in the way – vendors checking on invoices, procurement and tax teams seeking documentation, and receivables teams chasing customers for payment.

In a recent industry study, more than 70 percent of finance professionals said that repetitive follow-ups and lack of responsiveness are the biggest challenges they face.

If every second really does count, then our precious time is being taken away—every day.

Finance teams need a simple, intelligent system of engagement that natively understands the language of finance, accounting, and audit.  One that autonomously executes back-office processes.  And one that provides decision support and recommendation analytics to augment the human element of the back office function.

With Auditoria, that future has arrived.

Auditoria SmartFlow Skills use sophisticated artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to effortlessly automate both simple and complex finance functions.  By plugging directly into your existing ERP system, SmartFlow Skills reliably handle the jobs that slow down finance teams.

With Auditoria, setting up, onboarding, and activating a new vendor is completely automated – documents are collected, systems are updated, information is distributed – all without human intervention.

Besides automating routine tasks, Auditoria tackles complex analytical functions, like producing cash flow forecasts quickly and comprehensively.

With a catalog of over one hundred SmartFlow Skills, Auditoria is improving the effectiveness of finance teams everywhere.

To learn more about Auditoria and how it can help transform your organization into a modern Self-Driving Finance Back Office, contact us today for a no-hassle, no-pressure demonstration.

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