The CFO Corner:

Janelle Gorman, CFO, York IE

Length: 10:00

You can’t automate relationships, you can’t automate human interaction and collaboration.
That’s some of the most valuable things that a finance team and a CFO can bring to an organization.

Janelle helps us understand the role that technology plays in the lives of finance and accounting teams. She also describes what the CEO and board expect from the CFO and how data and insights make the finance team an integral part of a company’s growth.

As part of the new generation of finance leaders, Janelle Gorman is responsible for financial reporting and analysis, compliance, and financial operations to support and drive York IE and their portfolio companies’ growth.

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Janelle Gorman CFO, York IE

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You can't automate relationships, you can't automate human interaction and collaboration. That's some of the most valuable things that a finance team and a CFO can bring to an organization.
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