Auditoria SmartCollections processes Workday customer, invoice, and payment data to improve collections functions and optimize accounts receivable workflows – helping organizations achieve greater cash position visibility.

Supercharging Workday Financial Management, Auditoria adds increased speed and velocity to give finance teams the ability to move at lightning speed, accomplishing more than ever thought possible, faster than ever imagined.

The SmartCollections solution is uniquely positioned with the Workday Approved Badge, offering the tightest integration and highest levels of support for QTS as a Workday client with a direct line into Workday product engineering teams.

Purpose-built for the finance function, Auditoria’s next-generation machine learning, artificial intelligence, and natural language technology delivers a 10x multiplier in accuracy and productivity. Auditoria’s distinctive approach to receivables and collections automation comes pre-trained in the language of accounting. SmartBots perform critical tasks and communicate to internal and external stakeholders using business-contextual finance vocabulary for the richest, most reliable AI-enabled finance workflows.