Using AI and Automation in the Finance Back Office

Playbook: Using AI and Automation in the Finance Back Office

For Business Continuity And Resiliency

Harnessing technology to supercharge enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems with automation are key to transforming the finance back office.

In this playbook, we’ll detail how organizations can use AI, machine learning and natural-language processing to increase the speed, accuracy and productivity of their finance teams.

We’ll explore how these technologies can vastly reduce the time spent on vendor onboarding, tax form updates, invoice accruals and customer collections — time-consuming tasks that prevent finance teams from working on more value-added functions.

The ability to drive intelligent decision-making by spotting trends in structured and unstructured data will also be addressed, with particular emphasis on how the insights gleaned can be used to reimagine businesses from top to bottom.

And finally, we’ll discuss these issues as companies operate in the midst of COVID-19, a global pandemic that has fundamentally changed the way the economy and businesses operate.