Solutions Brief

Auditoria SmartGL

Reduce Risk • Improve Accuracy • Simplify Close

Auditoria’s SmartGL increases speed, accuracy, and efficiency in the finance back-office using AI-enabled SmartBots to automate redundant and manual accounting processes to derive greater cash position visibility.

Advanced Accruals for Suppliers

  • SmartBots automate monthly outreach to Suppliers and estimate accruals using Supplier input along with Purchase Order and Purchase Requisition data.
  • Entries are automatically created, reviewed, and pushed to the general ledger.
  • SmartBots detect anomalies and identify erroneous or unusual activity such as backdating or in some cases fraudulent transactions in the general ledger.

Bank Statement GL Matching

  • SmartBots autonomously review bank statements and retrieve specified transactions to reconcile bank entries to general ledger entries.
  • The SmartBots integrate with systems of record and automatically generate journal entries while supporting segregation of duties.
  • Entries get approved for export and then updated in the general ledger.

Auditoria’s SmartBots provide a system of engagement, utilizing the email function and systems of record to automate finance functions.