The Constellation ShortList™ presents vendors in different categories of the market relevant to early adopters. In addition, products included in this document meet the threshold criteria for this category as determined by Constellation Research. This Constellation ShortList of vendors for a market category is compiled through conversations with early adopter clients, independent analysis and briefings with vendors and partners.

About This Shortlist

Cognitive applications run mission-critical business systems in a continuous, self-driving, self-learning, auto-compliant, self-securing and self-healing approach. These artificial intelli­gence (AI)-driven systems intelligently automate transactional systems and processes such as campaign to lead, order to cash, procure to pay, incident to resolution, concept to market and hire to retire. The goal of an autonomous enterprise is to con­tinuously automate precision decisions at scale.

A convergence of solutions from robotic process automation, process mining, business process management, intelligent workflow, journey orchestration and microservices manage­ment attempt to address the growing need to automate and apply AI to enterprisewide capabilities. However, a new class of best-of-breed applications has emerged to address the market deficit. Constellation predicts that the total market for this autonomous enterprise market, including cognitive appli­cations, will reach $10.35 billion by 2030.