Auditoria.AI and BrainSell Team Up to Transform the Corporate Finance Back Office

Auditoria and BrainSell Partnership Will Solve Business Challenges with ERP Automation

SANTA CLARA, CA – NOVEMBER 17, 2020 – AUDITORIA.AI, a pioneer in AI-driven automation solutions for corporate finance teams, today announced a strategic partnership with BrainSell, the growth enablement company specializing in end-to-end business technologies consulting and implementation services. Through this partnership, BrainSell will have access to the powerful SmartFlow Skills from Auditoria to deliver intelligent automation and power the zero-touch finance back office. 

“As a growth enablement company, BrainSell is an ideal partner for us as we transform the corporate finance back office,” said Rohit Gupta, CEO and cofounder, Auditoria. “Our deep expertise in cognitive AI-driven automation alongside their understanding of technology processes allows us to provide clients with the resources necessary to become a zero-touch back office.”  

BrainSell is a growth enablement company that helps its clients and partners thrive by solving business challenges with expert guidance and technology. According to BrainSell, most “enablement” discussions revolve solely on the empowerment of the sales department; but BrainSell believes the entire organization — including sales, marketing, finance, and customer support teams — should be working together to help the business grow. 

This collective partnership will provide ample opportunities for Auditoria and BrainSell to be on the cutting edge of ERP automation. While the finance back-office has been slow to implement artificial intelligence, Auditoria and BrainSell will work together to provide clients with new opportunities to automate financial back-office processes. 

“Auditoria’s use of AI and machine learning technology to streamline back office functions makes them the best partner to tackle the big task of enabling growth in the finance department,” said Jim Ward, Founder and CEO, BrainSell. “I’m truly excited about this partnership, and BrainSell looks forward to diving into the trenches with Auditoria to accomplish this task and more to better help our customers grow.”

As part of the partnership, Nick Ezzo, Vice President of Marketing, Auditoria, is the first guest on the BrainSell Growth Enablement Madness podcast, where he discusses the growth enablement strategies Auditoria has taken to make an impact in ERP. Listen to the first episode of the BrainSell podcast here

Auditoria increases the speed, accuracy, and productivity of finance teams with powerful SmartFlow Skills to automate, analyze, audit, and collaborate across the modern finance organization with cutting-edge AI, Cognitive RPA, Natural Language Processing, and Machine Learning technologies. Using robust, modern APIs, Auditoria builds on top of industry-leading ERP Financial Applications and offers a frictionless SaaS deployment that is up and running in minutes. Auditoria customers can supercharge their ERP deployments with streamlined automation, innovative recommendation analytics, and simplified audit governance.

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Auditoria is an AI-driven SaaS automation company for corporate finance that automates back-office business processes involving tasks, analytics, and responses in Vendor Management, Accounts Receivables, Planning and Audit. By leveraging natural language processing, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, Auditoria’s platform removes friction and repetition from mundane tasks while also automating complex functions, such as predictive analytical forecasting. Corporate finance and accounting teams use Auditoria to accelerate business value while minimizing heavy IT involvement, improving business resilience, lowering attrition, and accelerating business insights. Give your finance teams superpowers at

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BrainSell helps companies thrive by solving business challenges with expert guidance and technology. They’ve offered unbiased software selection, implementation, support, and consulting services to clients of all sizes across North America for over 25 years. Their methodology helps clients identify the clearest areas for potential improvement in their processes. If technology can help you, then the BrainSell team can guide you on your path to business growth.