Demo Video

Vendor Management

Length: 9:33

All aboard with Auditoria’s automated vendor onboarding.

With Auditoria, you can automate vendor onboarding: automatically collect vendor tax forms for domestic and international suppliers, securely capture information without custom portals, safely maintain private vendor interactions, and get vendors up and running quickly.

Auditoria’s SmartFlow Skills for Intelligent Vendor Management seamlessly onboards and activates contractors and vendors worldwide by leveraging cutting-edge machine learning algorithms.

Auditoria executes repetitive vendor-related and invoice-centric monthly close tasks and ensures that millions of invoices are automatically processed and reconciled into your ERP application.

The insights and contextual intelligence built into these algorithms continually assess the likelihood of vendor and invoice fraud, detect suspicious invoices/transactions, and ensure ongoing risk mitigation.

Download our SmartVendor Solutions Brief to learn more about vendor onboarding with Auditoria.