Demo Video

Cash Flow Forecasting

Length: 10:43

Access intelligent real-time recommendation analytics for surgical insights in forecasting and planning at the fingertips of your finance and accounting teams.

By applying powerful ML algorithms to both structured and unstructured data, Auditoria uncovers hard-to-spot trends, organically learns from reams of data, and streamlines areas such as cash flow forecasting with precision accuracy while delivering practical recommendations and predictions – in minutes rather than days or weeks – for better business outcomes.

We help elevate finance teams into the era of algorithmic analytical forecasting. With cutting-edge predictive algorithms that offer a magnitude of improvement in forecasting accuracy compared to other industry alternatives, our SmartFlow Skills for Intelligent Planning help finance teams with cash flow forecasting and treasury forecasting.

We support snapshots and simulations in the forecasting process, in addition to delivering statistical KPIs for typical derivative analytics that finance leaders depend upon for their planning objectives.

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