Auditoria SmartBots act as “Junior Accountants” that execute the SmartFlow Skills, engaging with systems of record, shared inboxes, and critical stakeholders.

SmartBots capture actions and hand-off to humans using workflows to escalate when intervention is needed.

Purpose-built for finance, SmartBots integrate with systems of record and act as a system of engagement to streamline journal entry creation, track and manage accrual capture, and reconcile bank statement matching, using the data generated to provide critical insights into cash performance.

Solutions Brief: Auditoria Overview

Move the Back Office Forward… It’s About Time.

Solutions Brief: Advanced Accruals for Suppliers

Auditoria SmartGL Advanced Accruals for Suppliers delivers capabilities for autonomous supplier outreach to automate the month-end supplier expense accruals process using machine learning, natural language processing, and computer vision to accelerate the monthly close.

Solutions Brief: Auditoria SmartGL

Auditoria’s SmartGL increases speed, accuracy, and efficiency in the finance back-office using AI-enabled SmartBots to automate redundant and manual accounting processes to derive greater cash position visibility.